Slightly Magic
Home of the classic arcade-adventure​​​​​​​
Gain your magic powers, then use objects and spells to transform yourself into a bird, fish, even become invisible!

‘Slightly Magic does what few other games do. It takes a garbage truck full of fun and makes daily deliveries!’ 89% Sinclair User

‘The graphics and presentation are excellent too – full of colour and some nice bits of animation… All in all, Slightly Magic is, well, absolutely ‘magic” 94% Your Sinclair

Bigwiz the wizard has left the castle in a hurry, in order to turn the King’s son Newton back into a frog.
Indeed, he was in such a hurry that he forgot to pack his spare wand, forgot to lock his laboratory door, and most importantly, forgot to return his utterly stupid, idiotic, incompetent, brain-dead nephew Slightly to his parents’ mud hut in the hills.

Oh well, it could be worse. A sunburnt dragon could be running off with the beautiful Princess Croak as we speak. The wizard’s spell cabinet might have been knocked over by a Flaming Octarian Whirlwind, scattering the spells everywhere. His kingliness the King might, in a fit of blind panic, have given Slightly the wizard’s private spell book to read. It might rain.

You see, it could be worse. But as it is, there’s not a cloud in the sky, a breeze in the air, or a whiff of dragon’s breath to be sniffed.

Hang on, where’s that pink fire-breathing creature going with that screaming princess? Is that a gentle wind wafting in through the door, or is it something stronger?

Oh no. Get the washing in mother, and lock all doors. Cancel the papers, and shoot the cow. I think it’s going to be one of those days…

The Making of Slightly Magic
The Making of Slightly Magic’, a full-colour art book is available on Amazon now. Featuring the artwork of Chris Graham, and written by Slightly’s creator Colin Jones, this book should be a fascinating read for anyone with an interest in gaming.

Slightly Magic
Written and programmed by Colin Jones
Graphics by Chris Graham
Music by Allister Brimble
Available now on Steam
Slightly Magic. Copyright Colin Jones MCMXVII. All rights reserved worldwide.